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3DLAC Plus Adhesion Pump Spray,100 ml

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3DLAC adhesion pump spray, 100 ml, for 3D printing

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Welcome to the future of 3D print preparation with our 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive pump spray - the ultimate tool for effortless, precise and reliable adhesion of your 3D prints! This product is the next evolutionary stage of the proven 3DLAC adhesive spray and sets new standards in terms of user-friendliness and adhesive strength.

The 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive pump spray has been specially developed to take your 3D printing projects to the next level. Thanks to the pump mechanism, it enables precise dosing and even distribution of the adhesive spray on the printing plate. This ensures optimal adhesion and minimizes the risk of detachment during the printing process.

The advanced formula of the 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive has been optimized for a wide range of printing materials, including PLA, ABS, PETG and more. This versatility makes it an essential tool for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals alike, regardless of the chosen print surface.

The easy application and fast drying time of the 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive make print preparation a straightforward process. The pump mechanism allows precise control over the amount of spray applied, avoiding unnecessary consumption.

Thanks to the pump bottle, the 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive is particularly user-friendly and easy to handle. Its handy size makes it the perfect companion for use in workshops, laboratories or private 3D printing setups.

Say goodbye to insecure adhesion and experience the future of print preparation with the 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive pump spray. Order today and experience how easy and effective the preparation of your 3D prints can be. Perfect adhesion, perfect prints - that's the world of 3DLAC PLUS spray adhesive. 3DLAC PLUS solves the problem of adhesion to the print surface. With a light spray on the surface of the heat bed, the print object adheres until the print is finished.

- Suitable for printers with or without heat bed. Can be used with ABS, PLA, ... etc.

- After printing, the component is lifted slightly.

- Odorless

- Water soluble


- Ultra-fast drying

- Excellent adhesion (adhesion)

- High yield (over 100 applications)

- Very easy to use

- Cleaning with water

- Good anti-warping behavior of various materials: ABS, PLA, PETG,...

- Adhesion to any surface


- 3DLAC can be applied to a variety of materials on which you want to print with 3D printers.

- The adhesion varies depending on the material of the print bed. We therefore recommend testing before printing.

- A larger amount of spray will contribute to stronger adhesion.

- Be particularly careful when removing the parts. We recommend: Allow the surface to cool and, if necessary, give the printed part a light tap to loosen it.