3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick
  • 3DLAC Stick

3DLAC Stick

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3DLAC adhesion stick, 80 ml, for 3D printing

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3DLAC Stick is a revolutionary product in the field of 3D printing, developed by a team of experts in 3D printing to overcome the challenges of adhesion and stability in printing. This 3D printer adhesive is the ultimate solution for all 3D printing enthusiasts, from beginners to professionals.

With 3DLAC Stick, adhesion problems are a thing of the past. The special formula of this adhesion promoter ensures reliable adhesion between the print bed and the filament. Whether you are working with PLA, ABS, PETG or other filaments, this stick ensures strong adhesion that prevents shifting or detachment during the printing process. The result is precise, high-quality 3D prints that exceed your expectations.

The application of the 3DLAC stick (3D printer adhesive) is very simple. Simply apply a thin layer of the stick to the print bed and you're ready to go. The formula dries quickly and leaves an even coating that ensures optimum adhesion. The application is not only user-friendly but also economical, as even a small amount of the stick is enough to achieve great results

Another advantage of the 3DLAC stick is its versatility. Not only does it work with different filaments, but also with a variety of printer models. Whether you use an FDM printer for home use or an industrial 3D printer in your company, this stick is the ideal choice for reliable adhesion and first-class printing results.

Say goodbye to misprints and unwanted detachments - with the 3DLAC stick, you can rely on a proven solution from the world of e-commerce to take your 3D printing projects to the next level. Order your 3DLAC Stick today and experience the future of precise and reliable 3D printing - 3DLAC solves the problem of adhesion to the printing surface. With a light application to the surface of the heat bed, the print object adheres until the print is finished.

- Suitable for printers with or without heat bed. Can be used with ABS, PLA, ... etc.

- After printing, the component is lifted slightly.

- Odorless

- Water soluble


- Ultra-fast drying

- Excellent adhesion (adhesion)

- High yield (over 100 applications)

- Very easy to use

- Cleaning with water

- Good anti-warping behavior of various materials: ABS, PLA, PETG,...

- Adhesion to any surface


- 3DLAC can be applied to a variety of materials on which you want to print with 3D printers.

- The adhesion varies depending on the material of the print bed. We therefore recommend testing before printing.

- A larger amount of spray will contribute to stronger adhesion.

- Be particularly careful when removing the parts. We recommend: Allow the surface to cool and, if necessary, give the printed part a light tap to loosen it.