Blue Masking Tape (Blue Tape)


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Blue Masking tape, Roll, 50 mm wide x 50 m long

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Masking tape is based on blue masked paper. One single face is made of coating rubber that is adhesive. The other face is made of anti-stick material. Resistant to high temperature resistance with good sticky power. The surface is soft and will not leave residue. Ideal for 3D printing to cover the heat bed to achieve optimum adhesion of filament while printing.


  • Heat resistant up to 280° Celsius

  • Great result for 3D printing


  • Size: 50 mm x 50 m

  • Color: Blue

  • Material: Masking Paper

  • Thickness: 0.14 mm

  • Inflict Temperature Adhesive Force N/2.5 cm: 10-25

  • Stretch Force N/2.5 cm: > 90 < 180

  • Elongation in %: 10-20%

  • Temperature Resistance: 80 ° C - 280° C


Delivery includes:

  • 1 x Role Masking Tape 

Please find this information in the factsheet under "Download".

Blue Tape Factsheet D

Description and Specifications in German

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Blue Tape Factsheet E

Description and Specifications in English

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