ANENG LT001 USB Soldering Iron Portable 8W


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ANENG LT001 USB Powered Mini 5V 8W Electric Soldering Iron With LED Indicator Portable Soldering Tool

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Mini and portable USB soldering iron, 8W. Very easy to operate. It heats up in less than 15 seconds, the tip is thin, which makes soldering jobs easy. Pencil tip type, which is thin and small, perfect for your soldering needs. Long life tip with a protective cap.


  • Quick Heating Time: < 15 seconds

  • Fast Cooling Time: < 30 seconds

  • LED indicator: Yes

  • Power: 5V DC/8W

  • Material: Plastic/Metal

  • Total Length: 16 cm

  • Handle: 11.5 cm

Delivery includes:

  • 1 x Soldering iron

  • 1 x USB power lead

  • 1 x Metal stand

  • 1 x Tip cover

  • 1 x Small coil of solder