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SunFounder Bionic Pig Robot Kit

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SunFounder Bionic Pig is a DIY robot kit both for beginners and professionals to learn electronics, programming and robots.

This cute learning kit utilizes building blocks and some circuit to drive the connecting rod and command the pig to walk. You can learn the knowledge of brick, structure and circuit by applying this kit.

The structure is to connect front and behind leg by two connecting rods. The electric motor controls the front leg by connecting rod and drive the back leg to move; besides, the left and right connecting rod is assembling symmetrically, thus the pig can moves forward. The circuit is consisting of battery holder, 4 batteries and an electric motor.

A lot of fun for children and adults to build and play with.

  • Simple and entertaining kit

  • Playful learning

Playful access to MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Science and Technology) for girls and boys

From 6 years.

Construction time: 1 hour
Level of difficulty: 2 - medium

No soldering necessary.


1) This is an educational robot kit designed for kids to learn the knowledge of building blocks, structure and electronic circuit by building a cute pig robot.

2) This walking robot kit utilizes one DC motor to drive connecting rod structure then command the pig to run. There is a power switch easy for children to control.

3) Easy for kids to assemble the bionic robot pig with the included detailed instructions. It improves kids’ hands-on ability with zero experience or special tools required.


Batteries: 5 x 1.5 V AA (included)

DC Motor: DC3-6V

Structural Plate Thickness: 2mm

Color: Pink

Size: 200 x 90 x 30 mm

Delivery contains:

1 x 17 parts Structural Plates

4 x M2 x 4 Self-tapping Screw

6 x M3 x 6 Screw

6 x M3 x 8 Screw

4 x M3 x 12 Screw

4 x M3 x 16 Screw

3 x M3 x 28 Screw

12 x M3 self-locking Nut

4 x M3 x 6 Bi-pass plastic Standoff

2 x M3 x 20 Bi-pass plastic Standoff

1 x DC motor

1 x 4 x 1.5v AA Battery Holder

1 x Cross Socket Wrench

1 x Phillips Screw Driver

SunFounder Bionic Pig

Bionic Pig Manual

Bionic Pig Manual in English

Download (9.13M)