Creality CR-10 S5


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3D Printer Creality CR-10 S5, FDM, 8 GB micro SD card with USB adapter, free shipping from CH stock, 24 months warranty

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Creality CR-10 S5 for very large print objects: 50 x 50 x 50 cm


Highest Quality: Creality CR-10 S5 3D printer is a high-quality 3D printer that sets the standard.

Easy to install: Takes only 10 minutes to assemble, 8 steps in total, very customer-friendly.

Large print size: The print size is up to 50 x 50 x 50 mm. With the Creality CR-10 S5 3D printer, you can print a large object according to your needs.

Filament detector: Thedesign avoids interruptions during model printing.

Double motorized screw: The double motorized screw is stable and smooth and ensures greater 3D printing accuracy.


1. Very large print objects

2. Easy handling

3. Very good print quality


- Printing technology: FDM

- Power supply: Mean Well UL certified power supply

- Print format: 50 x 50 x 50 cm

- Weight: 14.5 kg

- Maximum speed: 100 mm/s (normal printing speed: 60 mm/s)

- Filament: 1.75 mm ABS, PLA, TPU, copper, WOOD, FIBER, CARBON, PA

- Voltage: 100-265 V 50-60 Hz

- Power supply: DC 12V 21 A

- Slice thickness: 0.1-0.4 mm

- Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm

- Accuracy: ±0.1 mm

- File format: OBJ, G-Code, STL (converted to G-Code in CURA)

- Working mode: USB cable or micro SD card (offline)

- Maximum nozzle temperature: 260° C

- Maximum temperature of the heat bed: 110° C

- Customer service: warranty & support by Adaptway (Switzerland)

- Spare parts warehouse in CH-5611 Anglikon-Wohlen, Switzerland

Delivery contains:

1 x 3D printer Creality CR-10 S5

1 x Swiss power cable (220V)

1 x micro SD card 8 GB with USB adapter with operating instructions and software

Creality CR-10 S5