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Dog Cute, Robot Dog, color: pink

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- Touch Function: The interactive puppy has light up eyes and responds when you pet their head. The puppy enjoys your touch very much. 

- Recording Function: The puppy has three kinds of sounds. Cultivate children's ability of expression and communication. 

- Unhappy/Happy Function: When you blow hard the puppy nose. puppy will be unhappy. When you blow gently the puppy nose, puppy will enjoy and will kiss you. Puppy will trust you and you can share your stories, secrets and emotions together! 

- Sleep Function: The puppy will also be tired. When you put the puppy in your hand gently, The puppy will close eyes and sleep. 

The more you play with them, the happier they'll be! Pet your puppy to hear them bark. They will even bark, 'I love you!' Press their nose and they'll blow you a kiss, whistle.

Age 4 years plus.


- Material: ABS+ 
- Size: 15 cm x 12.5 cm x 7cm
- Color: blue

Delivery contains:

1 x Dog Cute, pink

1 x Instructions
3 x Battery AG13 (included)

Dog Cute