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Do-it-Yourself Science Kits, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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Magic with science. This is the best way to explain this kit. Three super-cool experiments all surrounding the magic of magnetism. The kit has three stand alone experiments to experience & learn about this magical force. From a vertically levitating pen to magical magnetic sensor based dancing bots or the super engaging gauss rifle game.This is indeed the best gift a child can get. Do you have a super inquisitive, curious child? Are you looking for an engaging & educational fun toy for your child? Well your search ends here. :) Presenting BE CRE8V Magnetrix STEM BOX, a 3 in 1 combo thats filled with super fun and creative activities and loads of engagement. The box contains three standalone projects with no parts commonly used among the projects. The child will play with all three of them with no dependence. At BE CRE8V the expertise lies in creating child friendly yet super creative products. The product contains all the material required to create three coolest projects and fully colored child friendly instructions. Based on Play based education the projects inculcate education into the child through a natural approach. These are not just a set of motors & wires, we have made it solid so that even if the child handles it roughly, nothing breaks. All the parts & components are plug & play & don't require soldering. You little scientist will have unending fun with this kit. Packed with love and creativity by BE CRE8V.

Fun making kits for kids and adults.

Magnetrix STEM box is a 3 in 1 combo with three solid & fun projects with hours of engagement for your child

This product connects STEM through a creative design & play based approach. The instructions are child friendly with colors & annotations to make it easily understandable.

- Fun, engaging and educative

Enables engagement, invention and creativity

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) based learning

- General knowledge and cognitive development

Age 7 years onwards

Time to build: max. 1 hour
Level of difficulty: 1 – simple

No soldering required

Delivery includes:
3 x DIY kits with instructions (English) and all necessary parts