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FTLab Smart Voltage Checker for IOS or Android Smartphone

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FTLab Smart V Checker is small, beautifully designed with Aluminum body semiconductor sensor that connects to your Smartphone to measure, collect and analyze DC Voltage. 
The unit is fully powered by the device (Smartphone / Tablet), no battery or charger needed. The Smart V Checker is fully compatible with iOS and Android 4.2, earphone jack is 4-pole. The application can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play by searching "Smart checker" or "FTLAB".


  • The world smallest voltage meter (30mm)

  • Real-time display of measurement results

  • Compatible with Android & iOS

  • Ultra low power consumption

  • Easy to carry and convenient



  •  Measurement: DC Voltage Range: 0-10 V 

  •  Resolution: 0.01V 

  •  Accuracy: ±0.05V over full scale 

  •  Reaction Time: <0.5sec. 

  •  Workable Temp: -20-50º C 

  •  Workable humidity: <80% 

  •  User Interface: Smartphone (headphone jack)/Android & iOS