Otto DIY Robot Kit (Arduino Nano)


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Otto DIY Builder Kit, Arduino Nano, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

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Otto is an interactive robot that anyone can assemble. Otto walks, dances and makes noises and avoids obstacles. It is open source, Arduino Nano based, 3D printed parts.

A lot of fun for children and adults to build and play with.

- Simple and entertaining kit

- Playful learning

- Learning the basics of robotics and programming

- Beautiful gift packed in a box

Playful access to MINT (Mathematics, Informatics, Science and Technology) for girls and boys

From 10 years.

Construction time: 1 hour
Level of difficulty: 1 - easy

No soldering necessary.

Delivery containg:

  • 1 x complete kit incl. all necessary parts like battery and others.

  • 1 x building instruction (English)

  • 1 x feet white printed on 3D printer with PLA

  • 1 x legs white printed on 3D printer with PLA

  • 1 x body white printed on 3D printer with PLA

  • 1 x green head printed on 3D printer with PLA

  • 4 x Micro Servomotors (SG90), 9 g

  • 4 x short screws

  • 4 x countersunk screws

  • 1 x Arduino Nano I/O Shield

  • 1 x mini USB cable

  • 1 x ultrasonic sensor (HD-SR04)

  • 1 x buzzer

  • 1 x Dupont cable female/female

  • 1 x AA battery compartment

  • 4 x AA batteries
  • 1 x switch

  • 1 x Philips screwdriver

  • 1 x box

Instructions and Software:

see "Download"

Otto DIY Robot Kit