BE CRE8V Paper Marbling Art Kit


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Paper Marbling Art Kit from BE CRE8V (Be Creative) for painting

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This Water Marbling Technique kit from BE CRE8V (Be Creative) enables children to make amazing paintings & prints with no or little prior art experience. The technique brings back an ancient art form from India. Paper marbling is something that everyone should try. Its very simple and amazing. It involves floating colors on water surface and creating interesting textures over water surface before transferring them on to a paper.

The kit comes with the parts you need to build your own painting kit. These are easy to make, fun to personalize, and a great parent-child project.

Suitable for many different age levels, and perfect for classroom, parties, and as a birthday present.

From 7 years.

- Enables the child to be creative and inventive
- Introduces child to the concept of marbling
- Inspires the child's mind to unlimited possibilities
- Varied, promotes development
- Open and unlimited possibilities

Delivery contains:
- 1 x Paper Marbling Set
- 1 x Instructions (English)