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Pocket Robot, RC-01, interactive robot, color: white

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This is a super cute toy, Pocket Talking Robot! It can be making dialogue with you! By saying hello to it or giving dancing order, it will interact to you. Interesting and amazing! The LED light eyes look very cool even in dark environment.


Function: Interactive communication, singing, dancing, LED light, telling story, decoration

Smart Appearance: Robot is 85 mm that you can hold it in hands

Robot's eyes flash happily when got different commands, the arms of the robot can rotate flexibly

Repeat Mode: pocket robot can record your voice and repeat to you with robotic sound effect, not noisy

Conversation Mode: just talk to him, cute robot could recognize voice and reply to you, a good companion when alone.

Entertainment Mode: Robot can slide, sing and dance, tell stories, etc.

Height: 8.5 cm

Delivery contains:

1 x Pocket Robot white

1 x AAA battery (included)

Pocket Robot