FTLAb Smart Temp & Humidity Checker for Smartphone


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FTLab Smart Temperature & Humidity Checker for IOS or Android Smartphone

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Smart Temp Checker is a temperature and humidity measuring instrument in small size design for individual smartphone users. Smart Temp Checker works by plugging in the earphone jack of your smartphone. It is a tiny measuring instrument that anyone can easily use to measure the temperature and humidity.


  • Mini size design.

  • Ultra low power consumption.

  • Digital transmission method regardless of the smartphone attributes.

  • Real time display of the measurement result.

  • Includes extension cable


  • Measurement: Temperature & Humidity

  • Temperature Measurement range: -40°-120°

  • Temperature Measurement error: ±0.5°

  • Temperature Measurement time: 15sec.

  • Humidity Measurement range: 0-100%

  • Humidity Measurement error: ±2.5%

  • Humidity Measurement time: 10 sec.

  • Size: Length 32.5mm, Diameter: F13

  • Material: 18/10 Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 6 g


Please search "FTLAB" app in Apple Store (IOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the Smart TEMP Checker app.

For an exact measurement, you must use the extension cable. (The heat conducted through the person’s hand can affect the measurement value.)