3DLAC Plus
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3DLAC Plus Pump Spray 100 ml

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3DLAC adhesion pump spray, 100 ml, for 3D printing

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- 3DLAC Plus solves the problem of adhesion to the print surface. With a light spray on the surface of the heat bed, the print object adheres until the print is finished.
- Suitable for printers with or without heat bed. Can be used with ABS, PLA, ... etc.
- After printing, the component is lifted slightly.
- Odourless
- Water soluble


- Ultra fast drying
- Excellent adhesion
- High yield (over 100 applications)
- Easy to use
- Cleaning with water
- Good anti-warping behaviour of the different materials: ABS, PLA, PETG,...
- Adhesion to any surface


- 3DLAC can be applied to a variety of materials on which you want to print with 3D printers.
- Adhesion varies depending on the material of the print bed. Therefore, we recommend testing before printing.
- A larger amount of spray will help the bonds hold stronger.
- Be extra careful when removing the parts. We recommend: Allow the surface to cool and, if necessary, give the printed part a light tap to loosen it.