SunFounder PiCar-4WD Raspberry Pi (with Batteries and Charger)


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SunFounder PiCar-4WD is a Raspberry Pi robot kit designed for both Raspberry Pi beginners and professionals to learn electronic kits. It is suitable for the Raspberry Pi 4B and 3 Model B+/ 3B. With the grayscale module, ultrasonic module, photo-interrupter sensor module, the car can realize obstacle avoidance, line-following, object following, cliff detection, velocity measurement, mileage calculation, and so on.

In addition, this Raspberry Pi smart car with a tutorial makes it easy to assemble this robot car kit, we have written a friendly browser software that quickly turns on/off and freely combines the above-mentioned various functions. You will see a cool car kit to learn electronics, programming, and robotics.


The Raspberry Pi robot can be programmed by Python language. It comes with four sensor modules including 4WD HAT module, velocity measurement module, 3-ch grayscale sensor module and 3.3V oltrasonic module.

The multifunctional SunFounder 4WD Smart Car supports multiple functions: obstacle avoidance; line following; object following; cliff detection; velocity measurement; mileage calculation; radar sampling. It has 4 powerful motors.

The Raspberry Pi Car can be controlled by Android and iOS Mobile to get web remote control. You only need your phone that can connect to the Internet. It is compatible with PC (use keyboard control) /phone (recommended)/tablet.

It comes with a user manual, including operational examples , also provides the original python code for in-depth learning.

From 10 years.

Construction time: 4 hours
Level of difficulty: 2 - medium

No soldering necessary.

Delivery includes:

Electronic parts:
1 x 4WD HAT module
1 x 2-ch photo-interrupter module (velocity measurement module)
1 x 3-ch grayscale sensor module
1 x 3.3V ultrasonic module

Other parts:
1 x connection wire (grayscale sensor module)
1 x connection wire (ultrasonic module)
1 x connection wire (photo-interrupter module)
1 x ribbon
4 x cable tie
1 x screwdriver
4 x wheels
1 x battery holder

Driving parts:
4 x motor
1 x servo

Structural plates:
1 x top Plate
1 x bottom Plate
2 x spoiler
4 x support
1 x radar support

Mechanical parts:
4 x M1.5 x 4mm self-tapping Screw
6 x M1.4 x 8mm screw
4 x M2 x 10 mm screw
10 x M2.5 x 6mm screw
4 x M3 x 8mm flat-head
16 x M3 x 8mm screw
10 x M3 x 28mm screw
6 x M1.4 nut
4 x M2 nut
18 x M3 nut
6 x M2.5 x 11mm bi-pass nylon standoff
2 x encoding disk
6 x M2.5 x 8+6mm single-pass nylon standoff
6 x M3 x 30mm bi-pass nylon standoff
2 x 18650 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (3.7V, 3400 mAh) without protection circuit board
1 x Li-Ion Charger USB with 2 charging slots


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SunFounder PiCar-4WD