SunFounder PiCar-X Raspberry Pi (Complete Package)


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Delivery Time approx. 2-3 Weeks

213.55 CHF

SunFounder PiCar-X is an AI self-driving robot car for Raspberry Pi, on which Raspberry Pi works as the control center. The mounted camera module, ultrasonic module, line tracking module can separately realize the functions of color detection, face detection, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic line tracking, etc.

If you are interested in autonomous driving with a camera, you should own the PiCar-X!

Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B/3B/3B+/2B/2B+.

Two 18650 lithium ion batteries, charger, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2G) and 32 MB micro SD card are included.

Build your own remote control car

A perfect tech toy to build your own robot and explore endless learning activities.

Built with a robust finished aluminum body and includes a Robot HAT board based on Raspberry Pi development, Picar-X is easy to be controlled and assembled. It comes with multiple playing modes.

PLAY IN EZBLOCK - Provides visual programming software - Ezblock Studio to guide you to grasp the programming, There are 14 examples to help you completely grasp the blockly program skills.

PLAY IN PYTHON WITH WEB CONTROL - A web control page for your operation, applicable to your smart phone/tablet/desktop and so on.

TTS (TEXT-TO-SPEECH) - A speaker has already been inserted in the Robot HAT to realize TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effect, background music, etc.

ROBOT HAT - Used SunFounder-designed Robot HAT as the driving module, PiCar-X integrates the motor driving, servo driving and presets ADC, PWM, Digital pins for function extension. 

Real-time Video Transmission

- The mounted camera is capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images and supports motion pictures in 1080p30, 720p60, 480p60/90 video.
- With a 180° wide angle, it can capture wider visual scenes.
- Also, this advanced designed white car, four wheels with powerful motors, shows strong flexibility on back and forth. It can be realized 360° turning. 

Line Tracking & Cliff Detection

The 3 channel grayscale module prevents the car from falling off the cliff when it moves freely, also for implementing driving along the line.

AI Detection (Color/Face Recognition)

PiCar-X can separately realize the functions of color detection, face detection. Note: Only one color can be detected at once (supports red orange yellow green blue purple)

Python & Blockly visual programming

PiCar-X guides you to grasp the blockly Python programming skills. It comes with the free Ezblock Studio APP compatible with IOS, Android, PC, Phone, and Tablet. Learn the block-based coding skills while developing critical thinking skills.

PERFECT FOR BEGINNER TO LEARN ADVANCED CODERS (14 examples given to expand your knowledge)

Music Mode

A speaker has already been inserted in the Robot HAT to realize TTS (Text-to-Speech), sound effect, background music that brings you a good mood, etc. You can develop a funny interaction with this function. Such as, programmable texted message "hello" to play when it sees your friends. There is a camera and music mode gives the car a sense of science and technology.

Obstacle Avoidance

PiCar-X has ultrasonic sensor that can be used for experiments such as obstacle avoidance and automatic follow. Distance value can be read with your devices.

Delivery contains:
1 x Cross Socket Wrench for Self-locking Nuts, Structural Plate
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Spiral Cable Wrap
2 x TT Motor
2 x Rear Wheel
2 x Front Wheel
1 x Battery Holder
1 x Battery Ribbon
1 x Robot HAT
2 x FFC Cable
2 x Ultrasonic Module Cable
2 x Grayscale Module Cable
1 x Camera Module
1 x Ultrasonic Module
1 x Grayscale Module
Servo Screw B
Cross Servo Arm
Servo Screw B
Double-Side Servo Arm
Servo Screw A
One-Side Servo Arm
3 x Servo
Several wires, Needed screws, nuts, Wrenches, and standoffs

2 x 18650 lithium ion batteries,

1 x USB charger with two slots

1 x Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (2G) and 32 MB micro SD card


SunFounder PiCar-X Manual


SunFounder PiCar-X

SunFounder Picar-X