The Adaptway filament catalogue offers a wide range of high-quality filaments. Discover a wealth of colors and materials. Starting with the classics like PLA and ABS through to special filaments like wood, glitter and fluorescent variants. Our filaments are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. Whether you are looking for filament for precise prototypes, decorative elements or functional parts, you will find the ideal material in the Adaptway filament catalog. Order from the Filaments catalog today. Experience how high-quality materials turn your 3D prints into masterpieces. Precision, selection and quality – these are Adaptway’s trademarks.

Filaments in the catalogue:

PLA, PLA Bicolor, PLA+, PLA Rainbow (Multicolor), PLA Transparent, PLA 2 kg, PLA 5 kg, PLA Metal, PLA Marble, PLA Glow in the Dark, PLA Silk, PLA Silk Rainbow (Multicolor), PLA Bicolor, PLA Silk Bicolor, PLA Silk Tricolor, PLA Wood, PLA Matte, PLA Shining, PLA Lava Thermochromic (color change), PLA Rainbow Thermochromic (color change), PLA Electroconductive, PETG, ABS, TPU (Flexible), Carbon Fiber PLA, Carbon Fiber PETG, TPE, PVA, HIPS, ASA, PA (Nylon), PC, POM

On our website you will find the filaments available from stock, including detailed product descriptions, technical specifications and prices.

There is an online filament catalogue and a PDF version available for download.

Adaptway Filament Catalogue (Online)

Adaptway Filamentkatalog.jpg

Adaptway Filament Catalogue (PDF)