Welcome to our exclusive PLA+ Filament product category with improved impact resistance – the perfect choice for demanding 3D printing projects! Discover the impressive properties and increased resilience of our PLA+ filaments, engineered for superior performance and reliable results.

Why our PLA+ with greater impact resistance:

Robust Durability: Our PLA+ filaments offer enhanced impact resistance, which means your printed models are more resistant to external influences such as shocks and loads.

Precision at the highest level: Experience superior print quality with our PLA+ product category. Each layer is extruded with the highest precision to ensure detailed and stable results.

Maintain environmental friendliness: Despite increased impact resistance, our PLA filament remains biodegradable and environmentally friendly. So you can create robust prints without losing sight of the environment.

Easy handling: Our filaments are compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and feature an optimal winding that minimizes entanglement. This allows a smooth application in your printer!

Versatile applications with added durability: From functional prototypes to durable components, our high impact PLA+ filaments offer you the flexibility and reliability you need for demanding projects

PLA+ Filament

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