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Welcome to Adaptway Filament Online Shop, 5611 Anglikon. Your 3D printer filament online shop in Switzerland! With us you will experience quality and service.

Adaptway Filament Online Shop stands for Swiss precision and passion for best 3D printing materials.

You will find a variety of Adaptway 3D Printer filament.

From classics such as PLA and ABS to special filaments such as wood and glitter filaments.

With us you will discover a world of possibilities for your projects.

Adaptway Filament Online Shop stands for quality.

We carefully select the best filaments to ensure you always achieve best printing results.

Our online shop offers an intuitive user interface and detailed product descriptions.

We want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Browse our categories, discover new filaments.

As a Swiss company, we attach great importance to customer satisfaction and local service. 

Adaptway Filament Online Shop is more than just a filament supplier. We are your partner for 3D printing materials in Switzerland.

Order today Adaptway 3D Printer Filament.

Our focus is on quality and service. Top filaments, service – that is the world of Adaptway 3D Filament Online Shop.

Adaptway Filament Online Shop offers a variety of advantages:

Wide Range: Adaptway Filament Online Shop offers a wide range of high quality 3D printing filaments. Including PLA, ABS, TPU, PETG and many specialty filaments such as wood, glitter and fluorescent options.

This allows customers to find the best filament for their specific applications.

Swiss precision:

As a Swiss company, Adaptway stands for precision and quality. Filament selection is done carefully to ensure customers always receive quality materials. 

User-friendly online shop:

Adaptway's online shop offers a user-friendly interface and detailed product descriptions.

This allows customers to easily select the right filaments for their needs.

Fast Delivery Times:

Adaptway excels at fast delivery times.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Adaptway's dedicated support team is available to help customers.

Sustainability and environmental awareness:

Adaptway offers a selection of environmentally friendly filaments. 

Local company:

As a locally based Swiss company, Adaptway not only offers best products, but also an excellent service for the customers in Switzerland.

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